Publicly Verifiable Random Selection

This is an interface to the reference implementation of the RFC 3797 algorithm for publicly verifiable random selection of candidates from a pool of nominees. Before the draw you will need to have notified everyone of the numbered list of nominees, and the source of data that will provide a random seed for the draw. This data should be accessible to everyone, but not until until after the list of nominees has been publicised – for example, an upcoming lottery draw, or the first paragraph from the front page of a newspaper published on the day of the draw.


Who is in the pool?
Either paste their names – one per line – or just enter how many nominees are in the pool (eg. 20).


How many do you wish to select?
Enter either a number or a percentage (eg. 10, or 50%).


Data for the random seed
You can use either numbers (separated by spaces or commas), or text (which will be converted into numbers). You may need up to as many numbers or characters as there are members in the pool. 0.3. Release notes, source code