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[DIR]dbimem/01-Aug-2010 13:13 - DBI Membership Maintenance Scripts - requires Perl 5.004, DBI module, database with Perl DBD driver. Provides a Web home for members of clubs or associations, from which they can browse the membership database, edit their own details, control mailing list and news subscriptions, and more.
[DIR]gtkgrepmail/07-Feb-2007 14:26 - gtkgrepmail (Debian users can apt-get install gtkgrepmail) - requires Perl 5.005, grepmail, Gnome and GTK modules. A gtk front-end to grepmail which allows you a GUI interface to search through your sent and saved mail.
[DIR]pvrs/20-May-2013 12:06 - A method for making random selections in such a way that the unbiased nature of the choice is publicly verifiable.
[DIR]sadlittlewebjournal/01-Apr-2014 21:47 - sadlittlewebjournal is a Weblog written in Perl that utilizes PostgreSQL or MySQL and a straightforward ASCII interface.
[DIR]timecardimport/25-Jun-2011 23:23 - timecardimport - this software allows timesheet data to be imported from GnoTime, Palm Timesheet or iBiz into SQL-Ledger as time cards.
[TXT]aux2index.pl19-Mar-2008 07:54 0.8 - this script takes an SGML index file generated by (part of Norman Walsh's DSSSL distribution), 'hard-codes' the page number references using the output of pdfjadetex, and pretty-formats those numbers.
[   ]fta.filter02-Mar-2011 19:18 1.3KA system mail filter for Exim that reminds you if you Forgot The Attachment.
[TXT]indexcrafter.pl16-Mar-2008 16:31 21KInteractively or non-interactively edit DocBook SGML or XML index files.
[TXT]jump.pl05-Mar-2006 13:28 v.1.0 - requires Perl 5.004, module. A very simple Perl script that jumps to a page selected from a form.
[   ]ledgerutils-0.5.tgz04-Dec-2003 08:37 9.8Kqbcustconv and qbsuppconv - convert from Quickbooks customer and supplier files to SQL Ledger database. sqltogtt - convert from SQL Ledger database to Gnome Time Tracker XML file.
[   ]statusnet-yourls.tgz21-Dec-2011 15:27 5.2KA plugin for StatusNet to allow you to shorten URLs with YOURLS.
[   ]webaliases.cgi.gz04-Dec-2003 08:37 6.0Kwebaliases.cgi v.2.0 - requires Perl 5.004, module. Provides a Web interface to manage email aliases and autoresponders for multiple virtual domains, using the smail or exim mail transport agent for unix.
[   ]yourls-identica-plugin.tgz26-Apr-2011 16:27 1.7KA plugin for YOURLS to allow you to post your shortened URL to

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