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[SND]yourfunnyuncle.mp32005-07-07 08:49 1.0MMercifully the only track on which Jeremy included sung vocals. A cover of the exquisite Pet Shop Boys' B-side Your Funny Uncle
[SND]x-files.mp32005-07-07 08:49 689KJeremy's pale imitation of Mark Snow's masterwork. The Roland Pro-E intelligent arranger is to blame again, and the track was recorded in about 1995.
[SND]tongues.mp32005-07-07 08:49 2.4MPerhaps the finest achievement of my brother's former group Rageflower, it is a great shame that this track was never released... until now. Sublime exotic vocals collide with driving industrial beats.
[SND]sunshine.mp32005-07-07 08:49 835KDon't ask why Jeremy recorded this, he honestly doesn't know. He just felt in a Stevie Wonder mood that day. It's a pretty cheesy version, and all.
[SND]listen-baddemo.mp32005-07-07 08:49 1.8MPlease Listen to the Music - an ambitious early musical project of Jeremy's, but the master tape has been lost and this is an early demo with cocked timing and levels... Recorded with a Roland Pro-E Intelligent Arranger, a microphone, turntable, CD, PC (XT, with no sound card!), guitar pedals and an analog multitrack tape recorder.
[SND]lambada.mp32005-07-07 08:49 1.3MA sexy tango version of the song that spawned a short-lived one-song dance craze. Ole!
[SND]journey-soundtrack.mp32007-05-30 04:50 1.7MJeremy's score for Dominica's film Journey. Includes a musical reference to a Nokia ring-tone featured in the film. :-)
[SND]doctorwho.mp32005-07-07 08:49 577KAt last, a reggae version of the Doctor Who theme tune! Can't you just imagine the Doctor jamming to this in the TARDIS? Righteous, man.

Most of these are a bunch of dodgy amateur recordings Jeremy did in the early 1990s on an old Roland keyboard, some under the name "TLA" (remember the techno groups of that era such as LFO, T99, KLF and the like? - TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym). MC Squared (ahem) was him too. Jeremy writes:

As you can hear from those recordings, I'm by no measure a musician... twelve years of piano lessons took it out of me. But I have always been interested in progressive contemporary music, especially electronica, with world music and jazz influences, and would like to make more music in future.