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[   ]ispadmin.zip2006-01-15 05:40 689KYABS (Yet Another Billing System) is an Access-based ISP billing system which provides automatic billing and an easy-to-use user interface. Terminus wrote this for a client who went under before using it.
[   ]vortex08.zip2003-12-03 16:36 750KVortex screen saver 0.8 - This features the time vortex from the title sequence of Tom Baker's era of Doctor Who to the accompaniment of the theme music. Probably doesn't work on recent versions of Windows.
[   ]whofile.zip2003-12-03 16:37 3.1MAsymetrix Multimedia Toolbook application all about the 1996 Doctor Who telemovie.
[   ]wpcomp11.zip2003-12-03 16:36 214KWinPopup Companion 1.1 - requires Visual Basic 4 libraries. A WinPopup replacement for Windows NT, which also enhances the WinPopup utility for Windows 95 by enabling you to scroll through a list of recipients, and by storing messages in a log file. Shareware.

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