5.3.1. CGI.br

A more advanced model of sub-regional reform in multi-stakeholder Internet governance is exemplified by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br).[1] Established in May 1995 by Interministerial Ordinance, this national multi-stakeholder body is unusual in that its responsibilities span the realms of both technical coordination and public policy governance. That is, CGI.br coordinates and exercises oversight over the activities of the national IP address and ccTLD registries (NIC.br and registro.br respectively), as well as operating the local computer emergency response team CERT.br,[2] but also has a role in the development of policies and procedures for the regulation of the Internet in Brazil.

Since last reconstituted as a legal entity by Presidential Decree in 2003,[3] CGI.br has been composed of twenty-one members, including:

Each of these constituencies democratically elects its own representatives for three year terms, save for the governmental constituency whose representatives are appointed. For this purpose, the constituency is represented by an electoral college (or in the case of the private sector, one electoral college for each segment) on which any relevant representative bodies that have existed for at least two years prior to the election are eligible to be enrolled. Each qualifying representative body is entitled to nominate one candidate for election, and to vote for as many candidates as there are places in its constituency or segment. The elections are conducted using a secure Web portal.

There are also three working groups of CGI.br, respectively dedicated to network engineering, computer security and capacity building, which meet in person as well as operating electronic mailing lists. Aiming to act by consensus, they provide recommendations to the full group on issues within their areas of expertise. CGI.br also endeavours to act by consensus, but falls back to voting where this cannot be achieved. Minutes of the meetings of CGI.br are published on its Web site.[5]



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Or “the third sector” as it is known within CGI.br.


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